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Jean Iannelli Craciun
Jean Craciun at the Seattle Women's March
Photo of Seattle city council district 1 candidate, Jean Iannelli Craciun
District 1 City Council

Come As You Are



Thank you for visiting – and being invested in our city and neighborhoods. The complex issues we face today in West Seattle and South Park have left many of us feeling frustrated and even hopeless. Solutions have eluded our best-intentioned leaders for too long. It’s clear we need a different approach – and I’m here to shake things up! 


I’m running for Seattle City Council because I care deeply about West Seattle and South Park and bring a unique perspective as a researcher, mother, small business owner and diversity proponent, with a lifelong commitment to community engagement.


I’m all about getting people excited enough – and feeling safe enough – to get involved, share ideas, listen to different perspectives, and act. 


As a council member, I will lead with an unwavering commitment to District 1 where everyone is engaged, respected and valued. I will listen and act.  And we’ll get things moving toward a safer, more vibrant Seattle. 

Based on the conversations with our D1 neighbors these are the top priorities for city council...

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